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Mays Mobile Phlebotomy Services

At Mays Mobile Phlebotomy, we understand the importance of safety in the healthcare industry. Mays Mobile Phlebotomy technicians have completed extensive certification processes in both phlebotomy and basic life support techniques. In addition to their certification, our technicians have a minimum of three years of experience in phlebotomy and specimen collection. This ensures that our patients are in good hands with our technicians, and can have a peace of mind knowing that their healthcare needs are being met by qualified professionals. At Mays Mobile Phlebotomy we believe in "Bringing Wellness to Your Home!"

5 Reasons Patients Love Mobile Phlebotomy

1. Convenience
Mobile phlebotomy offers a convenient solution to schedule appointments around your busy schedule and deliver healthcare directly to you.

2. Safety
Hospitals and lab testing facilities can be risky, especially for immune compromised patients or elderly patients. With the high volume of sick patients in close contact, there’s an increased opportunity to contract a disease or illness while receiving blood work. By bringing the lab testing directly to your home, you can safely receive blood draws and lab work without compromising your own health.

 3. Comfort
Patients love mobile phlebotomy because it allows them to choose where they would like to receive care. For many of us, that’s in the comfort of our own home, surrounded by our loved ones and pets.

4. Confidentiality
You want privacy and confidentiality while you navigate your health concerns or receive treatment. Mobile phlebotomy offers an added layer of confidentiality by avoiding the doctor’s office in the comfort of your own home. 


5. Affordability

We offer Phlebotomy and other lab services for a flat rate of $100 (Price may vary depending on the service area). This ensures you receive the healthcare you need, at an affordable cost.

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